For Good Causes is innovating within the third sector to create new sources of income for UK charities and support the drive towards digital donations in an increasingly cashless society.  

Our strategy is clear. We are laser-focused on bringing our own products and services to market, whether that be in the loyalty and gift card sectors, consumer and employee incentives and benefits or enabling digital donations without the need for charities to make tech investments.  And all whilst maintaining our principle of placing “consumer charity of choice” at the heart of everything we do.

We’re also enabling third parties to utilise our FCA-compliant, tokenisation platform, our gold standard data-set and our API’s to foster greater innovation, at pace, within the charity sector 

We’re therefore delighted to announce that KornChain, who are on a mission to build the largest, multi-domain blockchain business network, will be leveraging the For Good Causes platform as they launch their points exchange network LoyalT.  For Good Causes will power charity donations for LoyalT consumers.

What is LoyalT?

LoyalT is a loyalty points exchange platform on blockchain that enables consumers to exchange their loyalty points between different businesses in real-time. 

“Our mission is to build a global market-place where businesses can enable the exchange of loyalty points between brands, giving consumers more choice about how they use and redeem the value they have earned” said Animesh Gosh, Founder & CEO, KornChain.  “The partnership between KornChain and For Good Causes will enable customers using the LoyalT platform to not only exchange their points, but also donate them, to any of the many thousand charities already enabled by For Good Causes, as well as new ones as their service continues to expand”

A new and more engaging way to engender loyalty

Most of us love earning rewards!  Yet, in the UK alone, there are more than £7 billion unused loyalty and reward points.  And globally it’s estimated to be around $360billion.

“Increasingly consumers expect brands to make loyalty programmes and rewards more personalised, experiential and relevant to them.  They also reward brands who demonstrate social values. So creating more ways for consumers to utilise their rewards, the way they want to, either through exchange or supporting a cause they love, makes great sense.  Because consumers who are “burning” as well as “earning” points are more likely to shop, spend and recommend more and have a greater potential to be loyal, brand advocates” said Crispin Rogers, For Good Causes. 

For Good Causes

For Good Causes (@ForGoodCausesUK, is innovating across the loyalty and third sector to make giving easier.  The are tapping into the £7bn of unused loyalty points in the UK to enable more people to give, more often to causes they love, without having to put their hand in their pocket.  Points are converted to cash and consumers can choose to donate to any of the 14,000 charities on the For Good Causes platform. They are also enable cashless giving with their mobile donation service which uses QR codes and express checkout to trigger digital donation within seconds.


KornChain , @KornChain_ltd