Christmas is just around the corner

Think back to your ‘typical’ company Christmas celebration. Festive fun, plenty of team spirit and probably a few drinks and Christmas jumpers thrown in for good measure.

This year will certainly be different. 

So, how will you keep the spirit of Christmas cheer and giving alive?

We’ve got you covered.….

Give your people a chance to support a cause they care about the most, without them having to put their hand in their wallet, using the For Good Causes universal charity gift card.

Local, national or even international. Social or environmental. With over 20,000 charities live on our platform, there’s plenty for people to choose from.

We call it giving the Gift of Giving  and it shows your people that you care about what they care about.  


  • Easy - for your business to do.
  • Positive - for your brand.
  • Brilliant - for engaging your people. 
  • Digital - you don’t need to step into an office (or bar….) to make it happen.

Corporate branding options are available.  Below are some illustrative examples.

Want to learn more? 

Email [email protected] and lets get your party started…..

Give the Gift of Giving with For Good Causes

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