Who are For Good Causes?

We’re a UK-based financial technology company innovating in the loyalty and charity sectors to create new digital ways to give that unite brands, consumers and charities around a common theme – Empowering Generosity. We’re working to enable more people, to donate more often, to causes they love, without always having to put their hand in their pocket. And we’re on a mission to raise £500m for UK charities over the next 5 years.

What does For Good Causes do?

We’re finding new ways for people to donate to their favourite charities. Like tapping into the UK’s £7 BILLION of unused loyalty points, air miles and cash back to enable consumers to donate unused value to a charity of their choice. We’re busy working to enable some of the UK’s biggest retailers, so more people can donate their unused rewards. And with charity of choice at the heart of our service, we’re working to enable as many UK-registered charities as we can. More than 14,000 are already live on our platform today.

We’ve also launched the UK’s first digital charity gift card making making it easy for consumers and businesses to gift charity donations and simple QR code technology that creates a modern-day version of the charity collecting tin. This enables charities to accept digital donations from smartphones, anywhere at any time. Because let’s face it, most of us simply don’t carry that much cash anymore.

Which charities can I donate to?

Any-UK registered charity and validated can be enabled on the For Good Causes platform. Currently more than 14,000 UK registered charities are already live and we are working to enable more. To see if your chosen charity is live simply visit our donation site at http://my.forgoodcauses.org and type in their name.

If your chosen charity is not currently listed you can contact us via the Contact form and request it be added – we’ll need the name of the charity and its Charity Commission number. We’ll contact them and seek the information we need to get them added to the list.

What does For Good Causes charge?

For Good Causes does not charge charities a joining or monthly fee which means any UK-registered charity can be enabled, ready to receive donations, for free. Instead we charge a small commission on each donation managed via our platform. Our commission fees vary, per product, and reflect the development and on-going running costs for each service. Where donations are eligible for Gift Aid our commission is deducted before Gift Aid is applied, ensuring the full Gift Aid value is passed onto charity. Our commission fees are as follows:

  • Donate My Rewards – 10%
  • Donate With Gift Card – 5% plus card fees where applicable
  • Donate By Thumb – 5% plus card fees

Card fees currently comprise 1.9% + 20p per transaction

Our commission fee is in-line with other forms of digital giving and compares favourable to many other sources of fundraising for UK charities

What data do you hold about me and how is it used?

We hold your name, address and email details, together with the donations you have made, and any Gift Aid reclaimed. We will use this information to process your donation and claim Gift Aid on your behalf where appropriate.

Your information is never shared with the charity you have supported. It is only shared with third parties with whom we partner to deliver donation and Gift Aid services. It will only ever be used by these organisation to fulfil these services.

We will only contact you with marketing messages where you have explicitly given us permission to do so.

Who runs For Good Causes?

For Good Causes was founded in 2016. The Founders and Leadership Team have extensive experience in executive roles for companies like Visa, Accenture, Shell and Experian. So, they understand technology, payments, security, and marketing. But more importantly the team share a passion and determination to innovate and raise money for good causes as a result of their own life experiences and their experiences of working with UK charities.

Our mission is to raise £500m for charities in 5 years. For Good Causes is a “with purpose, for profit” social enterprise which has been founded with private investment.

Donate My Rewards – What retailers allow me to donate my rewards via For Good Causes?

Today we are live with Quidco, the UK’s largest cash back site. Any of the 7.5m Quidco members can now choose to redeem their cash back and make a donation to a charity of their choice adding Gift Aid to their donation. Simply go to the check out page on Quidco and follow the instructions on For Good Causes. If you are not already a member of Quidco, and earning cash back on your shopping, then look out for Joining Offers which enable you to make a charity donation and have £10 credited to your new account.

STOP PRESS We have a number of leading UK retailers and partners to join For Good Causes in H1, 2019. Stay tuned for details!

Donate With Gift Card – Where can I buy a For Good Causes Gift Card?

For Good Causes Gift Cards can be purchased on-line via our site. If you are gifting a donation to a loved one you might want to visit our partner Gift Cloud https://www.giftcloud.com/uk/choose/gift/value. The Gift Cloud service allows you to customise a digital gift card and envelope and send via email or SMS on a date and time of your choosing. A really nice experience for the recipient!

If you’re gifted a For Good Causes Gift Card you can donate it at our redemption site https://my.forgoodcauses.org/ to any of the 14,000 charities that are currently live on our platform.

Donate With Gift Card – Can a corporate or brand buy Gift Cards in bulk?

Absolutely. A number of corporates and brands are “Empowering Generosity” and using the For Good Causes Gift Card to incentivise and reward customers and staff. Please contact the For Good Causes team for further information.

Donate By Thumb – How can a charity use this service?

Any UK-registered charity that is live on our platform can sign up to use our Donate By Thumb service. It is free for charities to on-board. Simply provide us with a high-resolution logo, an image (that you own the rights for or is royalty free) and relevant copy. For Good Causes will create a unique QR code and short URL (for social) and a bespoke donation page for you.

Typically allow 5 working days for the service to be enabled. Once you are set up you can use the QR code or short URL to trigger digital donations from collateral, posters, bus stops, merchandise – anywhere you can think of really!

For Good Causes deducts a 5% commission plus associated card processing fees. Gift Aid, if applied, is added after For Good Causes commission is deducted ensuring all Gift Aid money is forwarded to the respective charity. Currently donations are processed on a monthly basis and will move to weekly settlement in 2019.

Donate By Thumb – Can a corporate use this service?

Absolutely! A corporate may wish to use the For Good Causes Donate By Thumb service, for example, at an event. The service can be set up to support an individual charity, group of charities or cause. Please contact the For Good Causes team for further information.

Who are Social Enterprise International and what is your relationship with them?

Social Enterprise International is a company organised as a co-operative network of educators, consultants and social enterprise advocates in four continents. Company members, associates and Social Licence holders have been at the forefront of social enterprise development in their respective countries for more than 20 years.

For Good Causes has a licence agreement with Social Enterprise International that acknowledges our common values and social objectives.

Social Enterprise International will lead the annual Social Audit of For Good Causes to ensure we are meeting our social objectives.