Who are For Good Causes?

We’re a UK-based financial technology company innovating to create new ways to give.  We unite hundred of brands, with thousands of charities to enable millions of consumers to support a cause they love, without always putting their hand in their pocket! 

We’re unlocking the £7bn of unused loyalty points and making it possible for these funds, together with millions of new rewards which are earned every day, to be donated to the consumers’ “charity of choice”.   We call it Empowering Generosity™.

We’re on a mission to raise £5bn of incremental new funds for charities over the next ten years  

I’m a brand, how can I participate?

Any brand can participate, not just those running loyalty programmes.  Brands simply need to offer consumers rewards as part of your marketing, customer or employee engagement or service strategy. 

It’s free for brands to be enabled on our platform and there are no monthly fees.  Instead a 10% commission is charged on donations managed via our platform.  

Brands can offer charity donation from £1 and above.  Brands offering For Good Causes as a redemption option within their loyalty programme determine the conversion rate for their points, miles and rewards.  

Brands have two integration options: 

  • Prepaid Set Denominations – Tokens can be prepaid, upfront in set denominations and supplied in bulk.  Brands distribute to their customers to redeem at the For Good Causes site https://my.forgoodcauses.org/
  • API Charity of Choice – Brands use For Good Causes API to enable consumers to redeem points, choice their preferred charity and donate within the brands’ own domain – brower or in-app
  • For Good Causes APIs can be accessed here  https://forgoodcauses.docs.apiary.io/ 


If you’re interested in being enabled on our platform please contact us on [email protected]

I’m a charity, how can I participate?

Any UK registered charity can be enabled on the For Good Causes platform. 

It’s  free for charities to be enabled on our platform and there are no monthly fees.  Instead a 10% commission is charged on donations managed via our platform. In the case of cash back where Gift Aid is offered, For Good Causes will manage the Gift Aid process free of charge to ensure the full Gift Aid value is passed to charities.

To check if your charity is already enabled please type your charity name in the lookup https://my.forgoodcauses.org/

If you’re a UK registered charity and you’d like to participate you must be registered with our partner Charities Trust.  It’s free and simple to do. You will be live on our platform within a couple of weeks of completing your Charities Trust Registration.   Click here to register for Charities Trust https://charitiestrust.org/add-a-charity

What does For Good Causes do?

We’re finding new ways for people to donate to their favourite charities.  We’re tapping into the UK’s £7 BILLION of unused loyalty points, air miles, cash back and rewards to enable consumers to donate unused value to a charity of their choice.

We’re busy working to enable some of the UK’s biggest retailers and brands, so more people can donate their rewards.  And it’s not just brands with loyalty programmes. Our platform can be used by brands who utilise rewards within any of the marketing or customer services activities such as new customer sign-up’s, refer a friend campaigns or service apologies.  

With “charity of choice” at the heart of the service, we’re working to enable as many UK registered charities as we can.  Already more than 20,000 are live on our platform.

We also offer the UK’s only universal charity gift card making it possible for consumers to give the “gift of giving” and allow a loved one, friend or colleague to donate to their favourite cause and a digital donation service managed via QR code technology to create a digital modern-day version of the charity collection tin. 

Which charities can I donate to?

We have 20,000 charities enabled on our platform.  This includes international, national, regional and small charities including hundreds of small local community causes, NHS trusts and hospitals, churches, schools and playgroups.  

To be enabled on our platform charities must be UK registered.

To check to see if your favourite charity is already enabled please type your charity name in the lookup https://my.forgoodcauses.org/

What does For Good Causes charge and why?

For Good Causes is working to unite hundreds of brands with thousands of charities so that together we can enable more people to support causes they love by donating their loyalty points and rewards.  

Our Empowering Generosity™ platform enables us to convert points, air miles and rewards  into a new currency for giving.  

This represents a brand new income stream for UK charities and one they can benefit from without having to utilise their fundraising and marketing budgets. It therefore compares favourably to many other sources of fundraising for UK charities.  

We don’t charge any set-up or monthly fees for charities or brands.

Instead we deduct a commission from each donation as it processed by our platform. The commission for Loyalty and Rewards donations is 10%. 

This covers the cost of managing our platform, processing donations and fund distribution to any of the 20,000 charities enabled on our platform and continually developing our service and partner network.   

We are a for profit, with purpose organisation committed to operating with integrity and transparency.  

Different fees apply for our Donate by Thumb and Donate with Gift Card Service.  See FAQs for these services.

What data do you hold about me and how is it used?

If you donate your loyalty points or rewards via the For Good Causes donation site For Good Causes may hold your name, address and email details, together with the donations you have made and any Gift Aid reclaimed.  

We will use this information to process your donation and claim Gift Aid on your behalf where appropriate.  Your information is never shared with the charity you have supported.  It is only shared with third parties with whom we partner to deliver donation and Gift Aid services.  It will only ever be used by these organisations to fulfil these services.

If you donate within the app or website of your participating brand, rather than visiting the For Good Causes web site, we will never see any personal data.  

We will only contact you with marketing messages where you have explicitly given us permission to do so.

Please see FAQs on Donate by Thumb and Donate with Gift Card if you are donating via our other services. 

On our Donate by Thumb service consumer data may be shared with charities subject to them signing our Terms and Conditions.

Who runs For Good Causes?

For Good Causes was founded in 2016.   The founders and leadership team have extensive experience in executive roles for companies like Visa, Accenture, Shell & Experian.  So, we understand loyalty, marketing, technology, payments and security. And we learning lots about charities too!

But more importantly the team share a passion and determination to innovate and raise money for good causes as a result of our own life experiences and our experience of working with charities.

Our mission is to raise £5bn for charities in 10 years.  It’s an audacious goal but one we are all passionate about achieving.  


Donate My Rewards – What retailers allow me to donate my rewards via For Good Causes?

We are working to enable hundreds of brands on our Empowering Generosity™ platform so people can earn value in their everyday lives.  So whether you’re shopping, filling up the car, commuting, catching a film, buying a new fridge-freezer, topping up your airtime, buying a round of drinks, splashing out on a holiday or grabbing dinner with friends there is always a way to earn rewards which can be converted into a charity donation via For Good Causes.

Checkout the brands that are live here https://www.forgoodcauses.org/consumers/or check the website of your favourite retailers or brands.  

Donate With Gift Card – Where can I buy a For Good Causes Gift Card?

For Good Causes digital Gift Cards can be purchased in bulk from For Good Causes.  

To buy individual digital Gift Cards please visit our partner Gift Cloud https://www.giftcloud.com/us/for-good-causes-gift-vouchers.   The Gift Cloud service enables you to send a digital gift card via text or email to a loved one, friend or colleague.  You can customise the digital envelope and personalise the greetings card and set to send at a time of your choosing.   

Recipients can donate to any of the 20,000 charities on our platform and make their donation via the For Good Causes site https://my.forgoodcauses.org/

Donate With Gift Card – Can a corporate or brand buy Gift Cards in bulk?

Absolutely!   Our digital Charity Gift Card is the UK’s only universal charity gift card.  Digital Gift Card tokens can be purchased from For Good Causes to incentive and reward customers and staff.  Contact the For Good Causes team for further information. 


Donate By Thumb – How can a charity use this service?

Any UK registered charity that is live on our platform can sign up to use our Donate by Thumb service.  Simply provide us with a high resolution logo, an image (that you own the rights for or is royalty free) and relevant copy.  For Good Causes will create a unique QR code and short URL (for digital/social media) and a bespoke Donation Page for you. Each charity can have up to to 20 different campaigns running each with different reporting.

Typically allow 5 working days for the service to be enabled.  Once you are set up you can use the QR code or short URL to trigger digital donations from collateral, posters, bus stops, merchandise – anywhere you can think of really!

For Good Causes deducts a 5% commission plus associated card processing fees which are currently 1.9% + 20p.   Where Gift Aid, if applicable, For Good Causes will not charge to process this claim.

Donations are settled on a weekly basis.

Donate By Thumb – Can a corporate use this service?

Absolutely!  A corporate may wish to use the For Good Causes Donate by Thumb service, for example, at an event to raise funds for a UK registered charity that is already enabled on our platform.  The service can be set up to support an individual charity.