The Kindness Instinct

practice kindness

  • Helping someone who is hurt.
  • Holding the door for someone who has their hands full.
  • Smiling at someone on the street.

Most of us would say that these simple acts of kindness come naturally to us, part of our daily routine. Despite what the media seems to want us to believe, the majority of people in this world are kind and have good intentions.

In actual fact, contrary to popular belief in the selfishness of humanity, there is scientific evidence to suggest that there is such a thing as an instinct towards kindness. More and more, scientists are agreeing that, as humans we have an instinct for compassion which reveals itself at a very early age.

Studies show that toddlers as young as 14 to 18 months know how to help, even without rewards, and concern for others has been observed in the first year of a child’s life.

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Transforming your Loyalty Health Check scores

I recently shared my ‘Loyalty Scheme Health Check’, which drew on my having spent over 20 years in the Loyalty industry, including running programmes around the world for Shell, in Europe for Visa, consulting to clients globally as well as judging the Loyalty Magazine Awards for the last 3 years. It provides guidelines to any Loyalty practitioner seeking to evaluate and improve the health of their programme or seeking to launch a new programme. For that full article, click here.

At the close of that article, I promised to share how For Good Causes can positively impact a large number of those measures – both revitalising your programme as well as tapping into the strong mega-trend of CSR within the customer engagement space. This article unpacks that and explains how For Good Causes can transform your Loyalty health Check scores and thereby have a significant, positive impact on the performance of your Loyalty programme

For Good Causes has a positive impact on 18 of the 24 Health Check measures that I identified. I’ve grouped these into five areas to explain and summarise how providing your consumers with the ability to redeem their rewards to the charity of THEIR choice via For Good Causes really can drive your programme performance and business impact. If you’d like to refer back to the Health Check, I’ve identified the Health Check metric number (x) against the improvement mentioned.

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Loyalty Scheme Health Check – how is your programme performing?


Having spent over 20 years in the Loyalty industry, including running programmes around the world for Shell, in Europe for Visa, consulting to clients globally as well as judging the Loyalty Magazine Awards for the last 3 years, I thought it might be useful to collate my learnings into a ‘Loyalty Scheme Health Check’.

In the spirit of the sharing economy on social networks, I’m now sharing these insights for all Loyalty practitioners to review and assess the health of their own Loyalty scheme.*

Whilst there are some variances across sector, this Health Check is intended to be applicable for all as a high level review.

Traffic Lights
To apply the Health Check to your scheme, simply ‘traffic light’ code your assessment of your own programme (or proposed programme) – Green for strong performance against the measure, Amber for partial delivery and Red for failure to meet the standard. Reds flag up things you really might want to address as it could be creating customer dissatisfaction and effecting he performance of your programme; Ambers you might like to prioritise and address – and Greens, of course, you can celebrate and show your boss!

There are 24 measures in total – 18 of which are really the ‘basics’ or ‘tablestakes’, with the final 6 potential differentiators that are growing in importance and favour by customers as trends across the industry.

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Turning CSR inside out

CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility. It has a bit of a dry ring about it doesn’t it – and yet charities and causes up and down the country – and indeed around the world – rely on the funds that flow from business seeking to give back to the communities they serve … and get the positive PR and brand glow arising.

But how much do really know about what the brands we buy from do to support our communities? Who is the most generous? Who is generating the greatest social impact?

Much of the good work that brands are doing is hidden or gets lost along the way. Unless you get to page 56 of their Annual Report and Accounts …

I was on a panel on Sustainability and CSR in front of Gift Card industry representatives recently and was asked whether retailers and brands use their gift card business as part of their Sustainability and CSR strategy. My answer? They might do – but it’s certainly not visible to the consumer.

So aren’t brands missing a trick? Isn’t there a better way?

We think so.

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Charity Event at Amazon HQ

We recently had a fantastic Charity Event at the new Amazon HQ with over 30 household name charity brands represented. Thanks to Amazon UK for hosting us.

Here’s a very short summary of our presentation to charities that day, launching our #NewWays2Give.

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