Charity Event at Amazon HQ

We recently had a fantastic Charity Event at the new Amazon HQ with over 30 household name charity brands represented. Thanks to Amazon UK for hosting us.

Here’s a very short summary of our presentation to charities that day, launching our #NewWays2Give.

Can CSR reinvigorate the Loyalty Industry?

Aware of the trend toward corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Loyalty, a group of industry veterans have established For Good Causes.

The social enterprise aims to provide a service cross the industry for programmes to leverage to improve social impact and tap into the goodwill between charities and their supporters. For Good Causes founder Crispin Rogers describes how.

We could see the trend toward brands being increasingly keen to add social impact to the customer facing activities and programmes – especially in response to the increasing demands of the millennial generation. But our key insight was that although in the UK the public are amongst the most generous nation on earth when it comes to giving to charity, the individual causes that people care about are very personal to them – based on their life experiences and those of their loved ones. In other words you can’t tell people what to care about.

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For Good Causes on the BBC news March 2018

It was great to be able to share the For Good Causes story on BBC South Today evening news programme on March 9th. Here’s the interview. We’re welcoming enquiries from both retailers and charities – this is clearly going to capture the imagination of the public and the media!

#5 Ways to Think Outside of the Mother’s Day Gift Box

Mum’s love any gift don’t they? Or are there mother’s up and down the country preparing ‘thankful face’ as they’re about to receive another cliché’d Mother’s Day Gift…?

We know Mother’s Day is not about gifts, but they do play a big part in the tradition of celebrating the special day.

In the UK last year, we spent a whopping £1.4billion on Mother’s Day. That’s a lot of scented candles, service station flowers and chocolates.

Many of us will be searching the stores and online websites to find that perfect gift to give to our Mums. Whether it is a budget gift or a luxurious day at the spa, everyone wants to put a smile on her face.

So we’ve rounded up a few ideas on different things you can get for your lovely Mum this Mother’s Day.

#1 Buy Time

Most of our mothers would love for us to spend just a day with them. As the majority of us are away from home, have our own families or are working, we may not see our mums, as much as we would like.

But how can we give someone time (and not just on the day but on other occasions)? There are loads of options around memberships, whether to the National Trust (if your Mum likes the great outdoors) or things like theatre memberships, where you can promise to take her to a quarterly show.

#2 Gift of Giving

If your Mum has a cause close to her heart, why not gift a donation that she can give to the charity of her choice? You’re guaranteed to create two smiles in the process, one for your Mum and one also the charity she chooses to donate to. For Good Causes now provide a ‘gift of giving’ as a digital gift card option which actually means this Mothers day, your gift could change lives too.

#3 Publish your Mum

Everyone loves memories, stories, anecdotes, reminders. Our phones are jammed full of precious pictures (only a small proportion of which every make it beyond our phones or social media). So what about combining memories with photos and anecdotes only you both know? You can create a book, all about your Mum and the things only you know about her. The Book for Everyone does just this, so she’ll get a book for of memories and photos with her as the starring role.

#4 Top Nosh

When was the last time you cooked for your Mum? (Something she wanted, not something you wanted or knew how to cook)?! Or, when was the last time you took her out for her favourite meal? This Mothers day you could take your mother to her restaurant of choice or you could have her over, push aside the traditional Sunday roast and dust down the pages of your old Jamie Oliver cook book to rustle up something personal.

#5 Family Feast

And when was the last time your whole family was involved in an activity together? Not going out for a meal, but something creative, something where everyone, old and young., got involved with equal concentration?

We love idea of having a family cook-off. Everyone in the kitchen. Vegetables being chopped here, pasta being rolled there, the whirling of whisks and the promise of a tantalising trifle from little Tommy…

And you can also continue to go old-school post meal, playing games the whole family can enjoy (can highly recommend Linkee by the way).

This year, it doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money, just think outside the Mother’s Day gift box a little. There are a huge number of gifts which are meaningful, don’t cost the earth and can be good for the soul – yours and your Mums.

For Good Causes unlocks £7bn in unused loyalty rewards for charity

New social enterprise launches to revolutionise charity giving 

  • 94% of UK consumers have loyalty cards but only 49% always redeem their points
  • Younger people less likely to redeem, with only 43% of 18-24 year olds claiming to always redeem, but 56% of 55+ year olds
  • The result is £7bn in unused points, miles and cashback in the UK each year, sitting around doing nothing
  • 53% of loyalty card users have lost their rewards because they didn’t use them
  • 52% felt annoyed and 17% felt outraged as a result
  • 66% would give their unused rewards to charity

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