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Donate by Thumb Terms and Conditions – Companies

Donate by Thumb – Companies

Terms and Conditions

Donate by Thumb Terms and Conditions – Charities

Donate by Thumb – Charities

Terms and Conditions

An Unlikely Comeback.

Understanding what QR codes and Bradley Cooper have in common (and why it matters to UK charities)

The Kindness Instinct

Helping someone who is hurt. Holding the door for someone who has their hands full. Smiling at someone on the street.

Most of us would say that these simple acts of kindness come naturally to us, part of our daily routine. Despite what the media seems to want us to believe, the majority of people in this world are kind and have good intentions.

Wendy’s Choices – My Great Good Causes

People care passionately about different charities and causes. The ability to support causes you care most about is at the very heart of the For Good Causes proposition. It’s what makes it unique and truly compelling.