Donate by Thumb is the modern-day equivalent of the collecting tin.

For charities, it’s the easy new alternative to cash donations. It enables anyone with a smartphone to easily donate any amount of money, from any place, at any time.

It’s also a way to reduce the reliance on cash – which still dominates charity donations, even though 73% of charities have report a decline in cash donations.

Which Charities are Live with Donate By Thumb

How it works

It’s quick, simple and secure – for charities and their supporters.

1. Get a unique QR code

A participating charity or business gets its own unique QR code, which can be printed anywhere on anything.

2. Show the QR code to supporters

The supporter simply points their smartphone at the QR code, and is taken to the charity’s dedicated donation page.

3. Get an immediate donation

The supporter selects how much they want to donate, and the payment is automatically processed and secured using the smartphone’s in-built payment technology.



Charities can use it anywhere, anyhow, anytime. It’s great for fundraising events (like coffee mornings, or sponsored walks, or fun-days). And QR codes can be printed anywhere – leaflets, posters, adverts, t-shirts, anywhere.


It’s convenient for charities and supporters. And, compared to other digital collecting tins (like cashless card readers), there are no devices to buy or manage, no risks of loss or damage, and no training to worry about.


Payments are protected by the online technology developed by the likes of Apple, Google, Visa, Mastercard, and the UK banking industry. Also, there’s no cash to be collected, counted or reconciled, so no risk of any mistakes or losses.


The set-up fee is £99 for this service. We then take a small percentage of each transaction, which compares very favourably to other fundraising services.


A charity signs-up to the service and we generate a unique QR code and build a unique, fully-branded donations page. Also, payments are processed end-to-end by us and deposited directly into the charity’s chosen bank account.