3000 Reasons to be Cheerful

As we celebrate the roll out of the first COVID-19 vaccine, there’s finally a feeling of optimism in the air about 2021. We know we’re not out of the woods yet, but amidst the significant challenges and upset that the coronavirus has wrought, we’ve also seen rays of light shining through from the indomitable human spirit even through these dark times.

QR Codes - An Unlikely Comeback.

Understanding what QR codes and Bradley Cooper have in common (and why it matters to UK charities)

Choose a Cause and Impact one of the UN Sustainability Goals

We’re busy mapping charities to the UN Sustainability Goals.

Donate By Thumb - Mobile Based, Cashless Giving for Charities

Find out more about Donate By Thumb - Mobile based, cashless giving for charities

The Kindness Instinct

Helping someone who is hurt. Holding the door for someone who has their hands full. Smiling at someone on the street.

Who’s Your Charity of Choice - And Why We’re All Passionate About Different Things

People care passionately about different charities and causes. The ability to support causes you care most about is at the very heart of the For Good Causes proposition. It’s what makes it unique and truly compelling.