We’re on a mission. And together we can make a difference

Newsflash: FGC is to cease trading for commercial reasons and consumers have until 5th March to donate any unused tokens. All tokens donated will reach the charities selected. Or, if you prefer to buy tokens and donate to the charity, you can opt for crypto superstar platform to purchase the cryptocurrency securely and make your donation in crypto hassle-free.


Did you know that across the UK there’s over £7bn worth of unspent rewards points,  just sat around doing nothing!  

And millions more are earned every single day, with almost everyone in the UK earning points and rewards in their daily lives.

 Now just imagine if you could change rewards into something amazing.  

Something that could change lives - like caring for the most vulnerable in our society, cleaning the oceans or protecting the rainforests or even funding research to finding a cure for cancer. Wouldn’t that be amazing? 

We’re turning loyalty points, air miles, cash back and rewards into a brand new currency for giving so you can donate in a completely new way.  

And because they’re rewards you earned, you can donate them to your charity of choice.
With over 20,000 charities to choose from.


  • Introduces a brand-new income stream for UK charities.
  • Enables people to donate without the need for cash.
  • Over 20,000 UK registered charities are already live on our platform.
  • No set-up costs or monthly fees.  Fees only apply when charities receive donations.


  • Creates emotional engagement with customers around something they  already care about - their “charity of choice.”
  • Offers a highly personalised, digital and easy to deploy redemption option. 
  • Can be used by any brand who uses rewards in their marketing mix - not just those running loyalty programmes.


  • Donate to a cause you love, without using your cash!
  • An easy way to contribute to societal or environmental causes and make a difference.
  • Donate anonymously (we don’t share personal data).
  • Turn new and unused points and rewards into a force for good.