Making it easy for anyone to donate to any charity

We’re on a mission to raise more money for more of Britain’s charities. We use simple technologies and smart thinking to tap-in to money that may otherwise be squandered. And we bring more opportunities for more people to donate to more UK charities.

For charities

With people carrying less cash, and more attention going to a few big-name causes, many of Britain’s charities are looking for new ways to raise more money.

We open-up new fundraising opportunities and help manage your fundraising campaigns. We also make it easier for more supporters to donate more money. There are no set-up-fees or subscriptions, no complexity, and no risk of cannibalising existing fundraising methods.

For businesses

With our solutions, we make it easy for companies to get behind the good causes their employees and customers feel most passionate about.

We can tap right in to the things a company already does (like its reward schemes, or incentive programmes, or CSR initiatives). And we give customers and employees the option to divert funds to their favourite charity.

For consumers

When it comes to good causes, we British are known for our generosity. But, with new digital technologies, there are ingenious new ways for us to become even more charitable.

We make it easier for more people to donate more money. We also make it possible to tap-in to funds that might otherwise get squandered or left un-spent.

Our products

Donate with Gift Card

Tap-in to the £3.5 billion gift card market

We created the UK’s first universal charity gift card. You can buy one right now, for friends or family, enabling them to donate to whichever charity they feel most passionate about. Or, if you’re a business, you could add it to your incentive schemes or CSR initiatives.

Donate my Rewards

Un-lock the £7bn in un-used loyalty points

We make it possible for anyone to donate any points, from any loyalty scheme to any UK charity. Some BIG reward programmes have already signed-up. To encourage more of them to do the decent thing, please get behind our campaign.

Donate by Thumb

Reverse the 73% reduction in cash donations

We bring charities a modern-day version of the collecting tin. It means anyone with a smartphone can easily donate any amount from anywhere at any time. For charities, there’s no hardware or devices to deal with. It’s also a great way to manage and track multiple fundraising campaigns. And it’s quick, simple and secure for everyone.

Empowering generosity, by bringing consumers, brands, and charities closer together. Making it easier for people to support the charities they feel most passionate about.