For Good Causes has created a new currency.  One that enables people to donate to a cause that they love, without having to put their hand in their pocket!

We’re enabling people to convert their loyalty points, cash back, air miles and rewards into a charity donation.  We call it Empowering Generosity™.

We’re connecting hundreds of brands with thousands of charities so that millions of people can support the amazing work of their favourite charities - whether that’s a cause close to their heart or close to their home.

For Good Causes offers brands an emotionally-engaging, personalised and digital rewards that can be used as a redemption option within a loyalty programme or as a reward throughout the marketing mix by brands who want to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Activate lapsed customers
  • Drive utilisation of a product or service
  • Reward loyalty or specific actions or behaviours 
  • Respond positively to customer service issues 

Empowering generosity taps into the zeitgeist.  Increasingly people want and expect brands to support societal and environmental issues and follow brands they perceive as sharing the same values.   This is true across all demographics but resonates particularly strongly with millennials and GenZers.   Research highlights this growing trend: 

96% of consumers believe the small actions they take - such as recycling, buying ethically and donating to good causes - can make a real difference  (Futerra)

88% of consumers want to support brands that help them to live their lives in a more ethical and sustainable way (Futerra)

61% of millennials would prefer to donate their rewards to good causes than redeem them for personal use (KPMG)

Here’s how your brand can participate:

  • It’s free to be enabled on the For Good Causes platform.  There are no set-up costs or monthly fees
    • For Good Causes deducts a 10% commission from each donation that is managed via our platform
  • Using the For Good Causes platform offers lot’s of flexibility.  Brands can:
    • Choose any reward denomination starting from £1
    • Determine the value at which their points convert to £ (if using as a redemption option within their loyalty programme)
    • Decide to offer incremental support to particular causes, at particular times eg. Match Fund donations on a given day or for a specific business rationale 
    • Go live within hours, by prepaying for donation tokens, and utilising them within their own campaigns
    • Opt to white-label the service and enable your customers to redeem points, select their preferred charity and donate within your app or browser (by using the For Good Causes APIs)
  • For Good Causes offers two integration options:
    • Prepaid  - Tokens can be prepaid, upfront in set denominations and supplied in bulk.  Brands distribute to their customers.  Consumers visit the For Good Causes site to make their donation
    • API  – Brands use the For Good Causes API to enable consumers to redeem points, choice their preferred charity and donate within the brands’ own domain – whether that be browser or in-app

Brands can view the For Good Causes APIs here