For Good Causes has introduced a brand-new currency for giving.  It’s a new way for people to support the causes they love, without having to put their hand in their pocket!

We’re enabling people to convert their loyalty points, cash back, air miles and rewards into a charity donation.  We call it Empowering Generosity™.

We’re connecting hundreds of brands with thousands of charities so that millions of people can support the amazing work of their favourite charities.

Over 20,000 UK registered charities are already enabled on our site ready to benefit from this brand-new income stream.

Here’s how your charity can participate in our rewards donation service:

  • Any UK-registered charity can be enabled on the For Good Causes platform
  • Participating charities must first register with our partner Charities Trust as funds will be distributed into your Charities Trust account 
  • Please check to see if your charity is already enabled.  Simply type your charity name into our Donation Site.  If listed, you’re already live 
  • To register with Charities Trust simply click the link Once your account is set up at Charities Trust it takes approximately two weeks to go live on the For Good Causes platform
  • It’s free to be enabled on the For Good Causes platform.  There are no set-up costs or monthly fees (for our rewards donation service).  Charities only incur fees as and when they receive donations
  • For Good Causes deducts a 10% commission from each donation that is managed via our platform.  In the case of cash back or other donations that qualify for Gift Aid, For Good Causes will manage the Gift Aid process free of charge to ensure the full Gift Aid value is passed to charities (commissions differ for Donate By Thumb and Donate with Gift Card - please see FAQs).

Here’s how you charity can maximise donations:

  • Create awareness with your supporters - it’s a brand-new way to give, so regular reminders help reinforce the message and encourage donations 
  • Participating brands will make their customers aware they can donate their rewards via For Good Causes  - but charities can play a vital role too!  Use social media, put a page on your website and embed it in your “Ways to Support Us”
  • Many of us forget we have points and rewards - so inform your supporters which brands are participating.  And do it often.  Points can expire so timely reminders will really help!
  • New brands are joining all the time - so update your supporters on a regular basis, particularly when a new brand goes live
  • Encourage usage - it’s a way for people to donate without having to part with their cash, so they may be willing and able to donate more frequently 
    • Brands may offer additional incentives and rewards at certain times eg. match funding or exclusive promotions to encourage charity donations.  Sign up to the For Good Causes Bulletin to be kept up to date so you can alert your supporters
    • Thanks supporters who share their donation via For Good Causes on social - we will be doing the same!