Koin Rewards is the app that rewards you for buying products that are better for the planet.  It then empowers you to do more good, from offsetting your carbon footprint to donating to good causes, via the For Good Causes Empowering Generosity™ platform.  

Over 45 brands and retailers are already enabled in the Koin Rewards app including brands like Absolutely Bear, ARC Lore, Elvis & Kresse, Evaneos, Loskey, Mitch’s Kitchen, Ocean Bottle and the UK’s leading renewable energy provider, Ecotricity.  Their community of responsible, ethical and sustainable brands is growing month on month as more consumers want to buy from brands and retailers that share their values.   

Curt Hopkins, CEO at Koin Rewards, adds: “When we do good, not only does it have a positive impact on our own wellbeing, it also induces others to do good as well. At Koin Rewards, it is our mission to bring together merchants and consumers that share the same values so that collectively we can have a positive impact on humanity, nature and the environment.  Working with For Good Causes allows us to empower our members to use their Koin digital currency, earned whenever they shop at one of our ethical, responsible and sustainable online merchants, to then do more good by helping others, whether an international NGO or a local community charity.”


Becoming a member couldn’t be easier!  Simply…. 

  • Download - the Koin Rewards app is available on iOS and Android
  • Connect - Add your debit card 
  • Tailor - Select the values that are most important to you 
  • Discover - Search the directory of responsible, ethical and sustainable merchants 
  • Shop - Earn “Koin”, their digital currency that enables you to do more good!  



“We know from research by the likes of Futerra that the overwhelming majority of us believe that the small actions we can take - like buying ethically, recycling and donating to good causes - can make a difference.  This research shows a whopping 88% of us are looking to brands to help us live our lives more ethically and sustainably.  The Koin Rewards app has some fabulous ethical and sustainable brands enabled and we’re delighted that we’ve decided to work with us to empower their customers to donate to over 20,000 charities.” said Wendy Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at For Good Causes 

For Good Causes enables brands to offer a digital, personal and emotionally-engaging reward that can be used in customer acquisition, activation, usage, loyalty and service marketing activities.  It’s a feel-good reward with long-lasting, positive impact.