For Good Causes is delighted to welcome Reachdesk onto our Empowering Generosity™ platform as one of the first B2B brands to be enabled.

Reachdesk has revolutionised direct marketing with a platform that integrates seamlessly with their clients CRM, marketing and sales engagement platforms allowing sales and marketing professionals to send and measure direct mail marketing and gifting campaigns at scale.  It’s direct, done differently!

Businesses signed up to the Reachdesk platform can automatically send gifts based on triggers they set in their CRM or marketing automation systems.  They can choose from a variety of personalised gifts and branded marketing collateral through to cup cakes and chocolates. And now, having connected to the For Good Causes platform. they can offer their clients the ability to embed giving throughout their marketing activities.  

So whether their clients’ sales teams are looking to get more meetings in the diary, build rapport faster, reduce meeting drop out, increase event turnout or drive customer referrals they can enable people to support a cause they love, whether it’s close to their heart or close to their home!  

“Charity of choice lies at the heart of the For Good Causes platform and it’s why we’ve enabled over 20,000 UK charities” said Wendy Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at For Good Causes“Within weeks of being enabled Reachdesk customers have already donated to more than 30 different charities including Dogs Trust, Cruse Bereavement, Age UK, NSPCC, Build Africa, Dogs Trust, Parkinsons UK, Save the Children, Shelter, Prostate Cancer, Mindfulness in Schools, Central London Community NHS and many others.  Proof-positive that we all care about different things.”

“Giving back to those in need and sustainability were two of the key values we agreed on when we started Reachdesk. Enabling our customers to support charities and help individuals and businesses through our partnership with For Good Causes is a huge step forward. We are proud to be working together to support charities, particularly during these uncertain and difficult times”

“In these relatively “cloudy” times we understand that amongst other things kindness and positivity are going to get us through.  Every week since I’ve been at Yotpo we’ve sent cupcakes and coffee, via Reachdesk, to our amazing clients and customers all over Europe.  But for the foreseeable future we’ve decided to share the same monetary value but in For Good Causes gift cards. It’s a small change but the happiness it’s bought me and my clients is huge!”.  Tom Clarke, Senior Account Executive, Yotpo 

So many charities have been hit hard by the global pandemic. The shift from gifting and direct mail marketing to support sales in the traditional sense to using charitable donations to support those in need during these unsettling times would not have been possible for Reachdesk or our customers without this essential partnership with For Good Causes. We look forward to a long term collaboration together.

For Good Causes enabled brands to offer a digital, personal and emotionally-engaging reward that can be used in customer acquisition, activation, usage, loyalty and service marketing activities.  It’s a feel-good reward with long-lasting, positive impact.