Every week thousands of people participate in market research studies to share their opinions on brands, products and services.  And they get paid to share their views! 

Rewarding thousands of participants is a complex and labour intensive process.  But one London start-up is transforming the way market research incentives are managed and paid.  Particity was founded by Shifra Cook, an experienced entrepreneur and former research strategist, to solve a problem shared by every researcher and research business; the small stuff getting in the way of the most valuable work.

Particity is a SaaS platform that provides fast, easy and secure ways to manage and pay research participants. It allows research businesses to reward participants without the need to collect bank account details or handle cash and provides a full audit trail of attendance through to receipt of payment.  With bank-grade security measures, all data is handled in strict compliance with GDPR. The service for participants is equally fast, secure and efficient too. Participants can register in under a minute with incentives approved and payouts available within 24 hours of approval requests. And to further enhance the service, Particity Founder and CEO, Shifra, was keen to offer participants a philanthropic option too!

“I’m delighted to have integrated with For Good Causes.  This enables consumers to choose to donate all, or some, of the incentive they have earned directly to a charity of their choice, from within the Particity platform.  With over 14,000 charities nationwide, for consumers to choose from, partnering with For Good Causes makes perfect sense” said Cook.

For Good Causes is on a mission to raise £500m for UK charities by tapping into unused value pools starting with loyalty, air miles and cash back.  “There are over £7 billion of unused reward points in the UK today. Just imagine the difference we can make to UK charities if just some of that value is converted and donated” said Wendy Martin, CMO at For Good Causes. “Already consumers are converting points from a number of retail brands, as well as employee benefits and reward incentives. We’re really pleased to open up a new source - market research incentives - and enable more consumers to donate more often to a charity that’s close to their heart, without having to put their hand in the pocket”.

Particity  (@ParticityUK, Particity.co.uk) is a London-based technology company that is transforming the way market research incentives are managed and paid.  

For Good Causes (@ForGoodCausesUK, ForGoodCauses.org) is innovating across the loyalty and third sector to make giving easier.  The are tapping into the £7bn of unused loyalty points in the UK to enable more people to give, more often to causes they love, without having to put their hand in their pocket.  They also enable cashless giving through a mobile donation service which uses QR code and express eheckout to allow consumers to donate in seconds using their mobile phones.