The old adage, it’s better to give than to receive, is a truism.  In fact psychology researchers have found the joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of receiving or self indulging.  So for many of us, supporting a charity we love, is a real mood-booster.

Imagine then, being able to support a cause you care about without even having to put your hand in your pocket?  Better still, if doing everyday wellbeing activities enabled you to support them more often.   

yulife entered the LIFE INSURANCE Market with a unique and innovative model.  One that is founded on rewarding wellbeing and inspiring their customers to live their best lives, becoming the best version of themselves And the ability to donate to over 17,000 charities just became one of the feel-good rewards that its members can benefit from.  

Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Sammy Rubin, yulife addresses the needs of large companies and SMEs alike.  It offers group life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover, as well as the yulife app. Through the app, employees earn yucoin, the wellbeing currency, for participating in wellbeing activities such as walks and mindfulness minutes. They can then exchange their yucoin for meaningful rewards, including charity donations powered by For Good Causes, enabling them to donate to over 17,000 different charities using their coins.

“Life Insurance is a 200 year old industry which is rife for disruption.” said Adam Kosky, Head of Strategic Partnerships at yulife. “yulife is an insurance company at the core which offers a health and wellbeing app to employees within a company. We want to inspire people to live their best lives every day. The app encourages healthy behaviours such as walking, cycling and meditating, which in turn awards users with coins which can be converted into everyday rewards. We are excited to be able to collaborate with For Good Causes as we facilitate social giving, allowing our community of users to donate their points to a charitable cause of their choice.”

For Good Causes is delighted to see yulife  join the increasing number of UK brands that are “Empowering Generosity”.  People, the planet and profit can co-exist and we can all do well by doing good.