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What do customers really want? Bringing the Planet and its People into the Marketing Mix

Is it time to bring a new ‘P’ into the traditional marketing mix?

There is now a consistent, compelling and data-based argument that what customers really want is to buy from a company that is helping the planet and helping the people within it.

Let’s Talk Loyalty – Podcast

Listen to the latest episode of the ‘Let’s Talk Loyalty’ with Paula Thomas.

For Good Causes featured in PetaCrunch

Great to see PetaCrunch the AI media company, who focus on interesting start-ups, their vision, investment and progress feature For Good Causes .  

For Good Causes and KornChain – Creating more ways for consumers to utilise their rewards

For Good Causes is innovating within the third sector to create new sources of income for UK charities and support the drive towards digital donations in an increasingly cashless society.  

Proof that we’re “hard-wired for goodness”

Proof that we’re “hard-wired for goodness” as thousands of UK consumers donate hard earned loyalty points and rewards to over 1,300 charities 

Vodafone customers show their generosity by donating to over 300 charities 

Vodafone is empowering customers on it’s “Pay As You Go” service to donate their rewards to a charity of their choice via the For Good Causes platform.