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Who’s Your Charity of Choice – And Why We’re All Passionate About Different Things

People care passionately about different charities and causes. The ability to support causes you care most about is at the very heart of the For Good Causes proposition. It’s what makes it unique and truly compelling.

A simple new alternative to cash donations

Donate by Thumb is the simple new way to donate money.  Anyone with a smartphone can easily donate any amount, to any charity, from any place, at any time.  It’s quick, simple, and secure.

Rory Bremner supports #RecycleMyRewards

Rory Bremner aka Donald Trump supports our #RecycleMyRewards campaign!

For Good Causes in The Metro

How to give generously without spending a penny!

Tina Hobley Supports #RecycleMyRewards

Tina Hobley supports our #RecycleMyRewards campaign

For Good Causes in The Times

Great coverage for For Good Causes here in The Times!