Donate my Rewards is a simple enhancement to any points-based reward programme.

It gives reward programme members the option to donate points to their favourite charity. And it means that the £7bn in unclaimed loyalty points can start benefiting good causes.

It’s good for the reward programme, good for programme members, and great for UK charities.

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How it works

It’s quick, simple and rewarding.

1. Redeem points

The reward programme member goes to the online redemption pages, selects Donate my Rewards, and decides how many points to cash-in.

2. Select favourite charity

The reward programme member chooses their favourite cause from our online database of UK charities.

3. Make a difference

The money is automatically donated, and everyone’s happy – the charity gets more money, the reward programme gets more engagement, and the programme member gets the satisfaction of contributing to their favourite cause.



Part of what we do at For Good Causes is to engage with many of the UK’s biggest and most innovative UK charities. So, when a reward programme signs-up, several of these charities are likely to draw attention to the fact – endorsing the decision, and putting their considerable goodwill behind the programme.


The more a reward programme flexes Donate my Rewards, the more benefits it can bring. So, for example, it could be used as a retention technique. It could be aligned with charity events (like Red Nose Day, for example). Or it could be wrapped into wider CSR or cause-related marketing programmes.


Offering a new and popular redemption option makes good business sense to reward programmes. Research shows that people who cash-in their points are more active, more engaged, and more likely to spend with them in the future.


People just love the idea of Donate my Rewards. It researches incredibly well (+75% say they like it, rising to +85% of people who are passionate about giving to charity). It’s also received lots of rave reviews in the popular press. So, adding it as an option reflects well on any reward programme brand.


There are no set-up fees and no ongoing subscription fees. All we do is take a simple, small percentage of each transaction, which compares very favourably to other fundraising services.


We run everything in the background. Pretty much all the reward programme needs to do is decide on the optimum burn rate, and use our APIs to integrate with our platform. That’s it. We do everything else. It couldn’t be easier.