If you donate your loyalty points or rewards via the For Good Causes donation site For Good Causes may hold your name, address and email details, together with the donations you have made and any Gift Aid reclaimed.  

We will use this information to process your donation and claim Gift Aid on your behalf where appropriate.  Your information is never shared with the charity you have supported.  It is only shared with third parties with whom we partner to deliver donation and Gift Aid services.  It will only ever be used by these organisations to fulfil these services.

If you donate within the app or website of your participating brand, rather than visiting the For Good Causes web site, we will never see any personal data.  

We will only contact you with marketing messages where you have explicitly given us permission to do so.

Please see FAQs on Donate by Thumb and Donate with Gift Card if you are donating via our other services. 

On our Donate by Thumb service consumer data may be shared with charities subject to them signing our Terms and Conditions.