We’re finding new ways for people to donate to their favourite charities.  We’re tapping into the UK’s £7 BILLION of unused loyalty points, air miles, cash back and rewards to enable consumers to donate unused value to a charity of their choice.

We’re busy working to enable some of the UK’s biggest retailers and brands, so more people can donate their rewards.  And it’s not just brands with loyalty programmes. Our platform can be used by brands who utilise rewards within any of the marketing or customer services activities such as new customer sign-up’s, refer a friend campaigns or service apologies.  

With “charity of choice” at the heart of the service, we’re working to enable as many UK registered charities as we can.  Already more than 20,000 are live on our platform.

We also offer the UK’s only universal charity gift card making it possible for consumers to give the “gift of giving” and allow a loved one, friend or colleague to donate to their favourite cause and a digital donation service managed via QR code technology to create a digital modern-day version of the charity collection tin.