Village Water Limited Donation

Village Water Limited Donation

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Village Water transforms lives in rural Africa through safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Better health means children can go to school more and parents have time to farm and provide for their families.

Safe water, sanitation and hygiene are the building blocks of community development, the basic ingredients that help all other changes to happen. Since 2004, we have reached over 1,019 communities and 191,000 people in rural Zambia. In the areas we work, only half the population has access to safe water and just 1 in 3 people has a safe place to go the toilet.

We foster independence not dependence

Solutions have to be locally appropriate: local people know what works for them and we provide them with the skills, knowledge and equipment they need to manage lasting change.

We work in partnership

We believe in building local capacity and supporting the development of all our partners – Village Water Zambia, the district authorities, schools and communities – in order to increase access to safe water and sanitation. We prefer to invest in partnerships, rather than employ in-country staff directly.

We demonstrate our impact

Our monitoring system allows us to track improvements in health, whether the water-points are working, and the difference this is making to people’s  lives.

Our long standing commitment to demonstrating the lasting benefits of safe water and sanitation set us apart from others.

Change a life today.