The Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust Donation

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Hereford Cathedral – an inclusive community in which all are welcomed

Our Mission Statement:

To proclaim Jesus Christ
as Good News in the world today
and to inspire faith and encourage hope
in all who come to us
prayer and worship
music and art
teaching and listening
Christian service and hospitality
and the beauty and history of this sacred place.

We seek to enable this through:

  • Extending an open welcome
  • Enabling prayer, both for the faithful and for those whose faith is known only to God.
  • Offering a richness of worship
  • Listening to those in need
  • Contributing to the needs of people at home and abroad
  • Encouraging education
  • Using the beauty and history of this building as a focus for pilgrimage

We believe that this cathedral is a house of God – a holy place – a sacred space.

Hereford Cathedral has been supported over the centuries by the gifts of those who have loved this place and its music. The very stones of the building bear testament to their generosity, while the choir still benefits from funds given in medieval times to support the education of the choristers.