Spinal Injuries Association Donation

Spinal Injuries Association Donation

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Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is the leading national user-led spinal cord injuries charity. 

We are governed by a trustee board made up of a diverse group of spinal cord injured (SCI) people elected by our members.

Our belief is that everyone has a right to live a fulfilled life and that means the life that they choose, a life that has the same opportunities as everyone else.

Every year in the UK, 1,000 people sustain a SCI. The damage can be partial or complete. It leads to loss of muscle movement, sensation and control of body function below the injury.

Research into repairing this damage continues, but currently there is no treatment that reverses paralysis.

SCI is life changing, but not life ending. SIA offers a pathway of support for spinal cord injured people and their families from the time of injury and throughout life.  However you sustained your spinal cord injury, whether through trauma or illness, SIA is here to help you and your family to live fulfilled and independent lives.

No gift is too small to make a difference to our work.

A single donation will help us to continue to deliver life-long services that support the physical and emotional needs of spinal cord injured people and their families.

Thank you for your support.