Seekenya Donation

Seekenya Donation

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We are a UK based charity working to reduce blindness and provide specialist treatment and eye care services to marginalised communities within Kenya.

With over 95% of Kenyans living without access to eye care, there is a desperate need for help.

Working with our local church partners we are able to provide basic eye drops for the treatment of trachoma - the leading form of infectious blindness in children, perform cataract surgery, and supply pairs of readymade glasses.

But we really need your help to enable us to carry out our life changing work.

We want to help children grow up without eye disease so they can learn at school and have a future where they can support themselves and their communities.

We want to provide free spectacles to people so they are not classified as blind just because they don’t have a pair of glasses. We need your help to make this possible.

See what a difference you can make, give the gift of sight and help a community back to life.