Cure Parkinsons Trust Donation

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Since its inception in 2005, The Cure Parkinson's Trust (CPT) has challenged the view that there is no cure for Parkinson's (PD). Our mission is to find disease-modifying treatments which slow, stop or even reverse Parkinson's.

Currently, management of the condition is only symptomatic. Our goal is to discover treatments that change the way the disease progresses and transform the lives of those who live with Parkinson's.

Thanks to major inroads and constant advances in our understanding of PD, new efforts to match the emerging science with innovative therapies are underway around the world. Our work is to guide, promote and sustain these efforts and ultimately find a cure.

"For us, one breakthrough would be incredible, but as everyone’s Parkinson’s is different, we need multiple breakthroughs if we are to defeat Parkinson’s once and for all.

Please donate today to support our ongoing work to find a cure for Parkinson's.