Canterbury Cathedral Trust Fund Donation

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Canterbury Cathedral is the Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion and seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Cathedral is both a holy place and part of a World Heritage Site. It is the home of a community of people who seek to make the Cathedral a place of welcome, beauty and holiness. We hope you will be inspired to visit Canterbury and the Cathedral and we look forward to welcoming you.

Pilgrims and visitors have made their way to Canterbury Cathedral since the Middle Ages. It remains one of the most visited places in the country, and, just as importantly, a working, living church and community. Visitors have always been made welcome in the ancient tradition of Benedictine hospitality. We continue this tradition, warmly inviting you to share with us the beauty of one of the great holy places of Christendom.

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the nation’s greatest heritage buildings. Just over forty years ago, a separate charitable trust was established to assist in its fundraising efforts – Canterbury Cathedral Trust.

We are reliant on the generosity of individuals, charitable trusts and other partners to help the Cathedral meet the costs of major restoration works and continue to inspire millions of visitors and pilgrims each year with its 1,400 year old story.

There are many simple ways you can give your support to Canterbury Cathedral. Donations and grants are vital to the Cathedral's future and your gift however large or small will make a difference.