Aspire Oxfordshire Donation

Aspire Oxfordshire Donation

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Aspire is a multi-award-winning employment charity and social enterprise.

We exist to help vulnerable people who are homeless, long-term unemployed, ex-offenders, people in recovery or those with poor mental well-being to move into the world of work. We give them work experience on our own enterprise businesses and the person-centred support they need to make their own lasting change.

We work with councils and companies who take their social responsibility seriously; who understand that they don’t have to choose between doing good, and doing good business. Our latest enterprise business is a Community Transport bus service which is a lifeline for vulnerable elderly people.

We are changing hundreds of lives, every day.

We don't offer short term fixes - we work with vulnerable people to help them move into sustainable jobs and housing, so that they can turn their own lives around for a better future. This means that if you donate to Aspire, you'll be helping us to break the complex cycles of homelessness, poverty, re-offending and disadvantage - for good.