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Actionaid Donation

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ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.

Our dedicated local staff are ending violence against women and girls and helping change lives, for good. We won’t stop until women and girls are out of danger, out of poverty and on track to create the future they want.

The denial of women’s and girls’ rights is one of the biggest causes of poverty worldwide, and a grave injustice. That’s why we put the rights of women and girls at the heart of all we do.

For women and girls, poverty means having fewer opportunities than men and boys. In the world’s poorest places this means living on the margins of society, often facing discrimination, exploitation and violence.

From the moment they’re born, many girls are seen and treated as less than boys. Girls are less likely to go to school than their brothers, and millions of girls worldwide are married as children, often to much older men.

All over the world women and girls have less social, economic and political power, which can lead to their human rights being denied. Gender inequality is the root cause of women’s rights abuses. Actionaid supports women and girls to claim their rights.

  • We partner with women, giving them the tools and skills to help themselves, and fight what holds them back.

  • Through our long-standing child sponsorship programme, we give children and their communities better prospects for the future.

  • We work directly with and through local people, gaining unparalleled insight into what works.

Your donation could help keep women and girls safe from violence and on track to rebuild their lives.

Because when they unlock their potential and claim their rights, they can change the course of their lives, and the lives of their families, forever.