Guys and St. Thomas Charity And Other Related Charities Evelina Childrens Fund (guys Hospital Appeal Donation

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Charities do amazing work and people go to extraordinary lengths to support them. Whether a coffee morning, the odd marathon or devoting time to volunteer, everyone gives to the charities they support the best they can.

Imagine if we could all give a little more.

We want to help everyone, everyday, support the things they care about, so we're coming up with new ways of doing it.

We're a for profit with purpose Social Enterprise and for starters, we want to help raise 100M for charities in the next five years.

For Good Causes is a new UK-based social enterprise that’s on a mission to make it easy for more people to donate more money to their favourite charity. For Good Causes deducts a transaction fee 2.5% plus third party payment fees, at cost, on this donation.