1. Sign in to your reward provider e.g. Quidco.
  2. Select a ‘For Good Causes’ gift card and the value you’d like to donate.
  3. You’ll then receive an email with your digital gift card.
  4. Click on the links, search for your favourite charity and we’ll whizz your donation off to your selected charity.

Your donation may be eligible for Gift Aid. We’ll walk you through declaring this along the way.

You can keep a track of your account by logging in.


Who are For Good Causes?

We are a Social Enterprise company, looking for new ways for people to donate to the causes they care about so charities can do more amazing work.

We’re on a mission to generate £100m of charitable donations over the next five years.

What do you do?

We’re finding new ways for people to donate to their favourite charities. Starting with loyalty rewards and gift cards.

For the first time in the UK, we can turn your loyalty points and rewards into donations for your chosen charity. We’re looking to work with all the loyalty programme providers so we can offer this and we’ve just launched with Quidco *so you can donate your cash back). We’ll be bringing on new partners so you can donate more of your rewards. Watch this space!

You can also now buy a For Good Causes digital gift card.

How can I give?

We’re making things super easy for our customers by linking with our partners. Here’s how you can give:

  1. Log-in to your account with any of our participating scheme partners (Quidco initially) and click on the For Good Causes button to receive a For Good Causes digital gift card.
  2. Click through to our site, enter your details, gift card code and tell us which charity you wish to support.
  3. We’ll do the rest! We’re working with Charities Trust to ensure your donation gets to your favourite charity so it can help them do more amazing things.

Who can I give to?

You can give to your chosen charity, registered with our partner Charities Trust. There are currently more than 12,000 Charities available for you to choose from, and we aim to increase this to more UK registered charities in 2018.

Where can I get a For Good Causes digital gift card?

We were really excited to launch with our partner Quidco in January 18. So if you’re an existing Quidco customer, you can choose a For Good Causes digital gift card as a redemption option now. (And if you’re not, there will be opportunities to join).

We will be announcing more partners in the coming months.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to nominate loyalty/reward programmes you’d like to see involved, so please Get In Touch.

We will be continually adding new participating brands as they come on board – so be sure to keep an eye out.

Can Gift Aid be added to my donation?

For certain partner schemes, we’re really pleased to have secured HMRC approval for Gift Aid claims. This includes our launch partner Quidco

That means that the value of eligible donations, (subject to HMRC rules and a minimum £5 donation) will be increased by a fantastic 25%.

If your donation is potentially eligible, we’ll ask you for additional information that we need to make the claim when you make your donation.

What do you charge?

It’s completely free for charities to register to receive donations.

On each transaction, there’s a 10% charge to cover our running costs and return, and funds to support our development so we can generate more revenue for charities.

Which means that 90% of your donation will go direct to the charity you have chosen, which compares really favourably to other sources of fundraising for charities.

How much of my donation goes to the charity?

For Good Causes takes a 10% fee to support administration and development costs and return, so 90% of your donation will go direct to the charity you have chosen. This compares really favourably to other sources of fundraising for charities.

Other than donating my points, how can I help?

You can help massively! You may only have a few points here and there, but it all mounts up and together we are sat on a huge £7bn of unspent rewards points in the UK. So please, tell your friends about us, help us on social media and even get in touch with suggestions on how we can improve the service and proposition to get more people involved.

What data do you hold about me and how is it used?

We hold your name, address and email details, together with the donations you have made, and any gift aid reclaimed.

We will be using this information to process your donation and claim Gift Aid on your behalf where appropriate.

Will you contact me directly?

We respect your privacy, and we will never contact you directly without your express permission for us to do so.

If you do give us permission, we may contact you from time to time, to make you aware of other opportunities to support the charities you care about.

You can that retract that permission at any point by letting us know.

Will my charity contact me directly?

No, not as a result of your donations through For Good Causes. Of course, you can always contact your charity directly.

Who are Social Enterprise International and what is your relationship with them?

Social Enterprise International is a company organised as a co-operative network of educators, consultants and social enterprise advocates in four continents. Company members, associates and Social Licence holders have been at the forefront of social enterprise development in their respective countries for more than 20 years.

For Good Causes has a licence agreement with Social Enterprise International that acknowledges our common values and social objectives.

Social Enterprise International will lead the annual Social Audit of For Good Causes to ensure we are meeting our social objectives.

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