3000 Reasons to be Cheerful

As we celebrate the roll out of the first COVID-19 vaccine, there’s finally a feeling of optimism in the air about 2021. We know we’re not out of the woods yet, but amidst the significant challenges and upset that the coronavirus has wrought, we’ve also seen rays of light shining through from the indomitable human spirit even through these dark times.

Bringing CSR into Loyalty and Rewards - Top 10 Tips

Maybe it’s the impact of the younger generation making their voices heard, exacerbated by our collective experience of the pandemic on our communities - but it seems that more and more brands are bringing CSR into the marketing mix for their loyalty and rewards programmes.

5 Statistics that Could Change the World

One of the last events I attended before the lock down and enforcement of social distancing was a fascinating afternoon with the Institute of Promotional Marketing: Mando Connect were hosting and sharing their latest collaboration with YouGov ‘What the British want from Loyalty programmes 2.0’.

Loyalty For Good - Podcast

Hear from our CEO Crispin Rogers in the latest Loyalty Podcast discussion hosted by Iain Pringle.

Let’s Talk Loyalty - Podcast

Listen to the latest episode of the ‘Let’s Talk Loyalty’ with Paula Thomas.

Can CSR reinvigorate the Loyalty Industry?

At For Good Causes we could see the trend toward brands being increasingly keen to add social impact to the customer facing activities and programmes – especially in response to the increasing demands of the millennial generation.